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With all the different styles of garage doors on the market, there are just as many different garage door openers available to support the doors and have enough power to open and close them. Even though there are a variety of garage door openers available, there are three different basic types; a chain drive garage door opener, a belt drive garage door opener and a screw drive garage door opener. Garage Door Openers can install and service all types of garage door openers.

Garage Door Openers Huffman can install, repair or replace any style of garage door openers 

Garage Door Openers in HuffmanThey have years of experience in working with garage door openers and provide a quality level of service. The styles of garage door openers they work with are:

*    Chain drive garage door openers

*    Belt drive garage door openers

*    Screw drive garage door openers

Chain drive openers are the most common type. They are the least expensive to maintain and install but there is more issues that arise from this style of garage door openers than with the other types. Because a chain is used to power the garage door opener, it can kink or jam which would need a repair. This style also needs more lubrication than the others. These are also considerably louder than the other styles. The belt drive opener is a little more expensive than chain drives but there are fewer maintenance concerns and the belt is quieter than the chain. Belt drives work well with heavier doors because the belt can support more weight. The screw drive opener uses a lifting device on a threaded rod to open the door. There is less maintenance with this style but they are not suited for areas with a variable climate. Whichever style the homeowner chooses, Garage Door Openers Huffman can service the garage door opener in their home.

Garage Door Openers Huffman carries several brands of garage door openers for the initial installation or the replacement of an older garage door system. These brands include:

*    Genie

*    Liftmaster

*    Chamberlain

*    Craftsman

*    Sears

*    Marantec

These are some of the leading and highest quality garage door openers that are available for installation. They are backed with guarantees and the service from Garage Door Openers Huffman will match or beat the quality of service the homeowner receives from their garage door opener unit.

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