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You probably hardly ever see, hear or think about it but your garage door opener does a lot of work behind the scenes to keep your home safe and secure. This simple mechanism takes the labor out of locking your garage up at night, and offers an impenetrable wall to anyone who doesn’t have the correct access key. To ensure it's always equipped to protect your family as intended, you'll need to keep it in good working order – and that’s where our technicians come in.

So Much Variety

Operating behind the scenes does have its drawbacks – garage door openers rarely get the recognition they deserve. There are many varieties available on the market, all of which perform in a slightly different way. An easy way to categorize them would be according to drive system. Chain-drive models are reliable and affordable, but can be noisy; belt-drive units are more expensive but offer a smoother, quieter opening and closing experience. Screw-drive openers are somewhere in the middle, offering a fuss-free service with only a little background noise.

Thinking Of An Upgrade?

Your garage door opener toils away behind the scenes, keeping you safe and your home secure, but that doesn’t mean it’s a one-trick pony. With a simple upgrade you could experience the convenience of a WiFi-compatible garage door opener, invest in a handy backup battery system, or more: new Genie and LiftMaster models showcase a host of new features, such as rolling code technology – which keeps burglars guessing by changing the access codes every time you use the unit.

Repairing & Maintaining Your Unit

Your garage door opener should last for many years provided it is properly installed and regularly maintained. Our experienced technicians understand the importance of consistent check-ups. Over time, this will help you avoid more serious and costly breakdowns. For example, the unit’s photoelectric eyes can become misaligned over time, causing them to malfunction. We can check such alignment issues and other common signs of wear and tear, then perform any necessary repairs on site.

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